Jul 10 2013

Tracy's Testimonial

NEPA Fit Club changed my life. I love everyone and everything about this place. It is more than a gym, it is like a family. Everyone cheers each other on and are there to help one another. Mike is so knowledgeable in all things fitness and nutrition. He helps each person individually and pushes them to reach their personal goals. John and Phil are wonderful trainers and the people who work out there are my inspirations. They have all helped me to lose 35 lbs and get up off the couch. I can't stand to miss a workout. It is my new way of living. I am thankful everyday for NEPA Fit Club. - Tracy Zaleski

Jul 16 2013

Ali's Testimonial

I've been a member of NEPA Fit Club on and off for a few years. I am most definitely at my best both physically and mentally when I am "on" with my training. The new facility is amazing, and I couldn't ask for a better trainer, coach or person than Mike Marcinek. He makes each workout a challenge, each milestone a recognized accomplishment, and each stumble something that we will "work on". One of my very favorite things about the gym is that beyond the challenges and goals met and almost met, Mike always asks, listens, and will modify a workout when you aren't at your best. Every client is an individual, every workout is made especially for you. I have walked into many sessions with pain, and walked out feeling much better because my workout that day may have consisted of exercises and stretches to alleviate the pain. Committing ...

Jul 16 2013

Nepa Fit Club Rave

I can't rave enough about NEPA Fit Club. Joining has helped get my physical fitness to the next level. At age 42 I have never felt stronger or healthier. I always look forward to my sessions with Mike. Whether bootcamp, strength camp or Weekend Warrior, I always have a great workout and leave feeling great. He has helped me to become stronger than I ever thought possible. He makes sure that I know exactly how each exercise is done properly. What makes Mike stand out from other trainers is his absolute dedication to his job and his commitment to every one of his clients. Whether you are building strength, losing weight or increasing your endurance, Mike makes you believe you can achieve it... and you will! Thanks Mike for helping me reach my goals and continue to help me reach new ones!! - NH

Jul 16 2013

Nepa Fit Club Journey

In September of 2011, my journey at NEPA FitClub began. I was skeptical of the unexpected to say the least. Being 10 weeks post-partum (with my 3rd child), I knew that I was not at my fittest, nor at my healthiest weight. When I met Mike at my consult, I did not know how much he would change my life. I have worked out since a very young age. I was a 3 sport athlete during middle school and high school, and I played college basketball. I currently have my doctorate in Physical Therapy, and have been a healthcare professional for the past 14 years. From the minute I met Mike, I could see how educated and passionate he was. He has helped to guide and educate me on my fitness journey, equipping me with mental toughness to push myself to reach my goals and even exceed them. Mike customizes ...

Jul 16 2013

Vince's Testimonial

In June 2011, I began going to NEPA Fit Club to take semi-private training sessions. I heard many great things about Mike and what he was accomplishing. Mike did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations - he helped me set goals that I wanted to accomplish and designed specific workouts to help me achieve those goals. It is two years later and I will be turning 40 this year. I could honestly say I am in the best shape of my life. Going to NEPA Fit Club has become part of my life and rarely is there a day when I do not feel like going. NEPA Fit Club is a superior facility that has a great staff and atmosphere. Every workout is goal specific and has variety. Mike does an excellent job at differentiating the workouts and prevents any type of boredom. One of the most impressive things at ...

Jul 16 2013

Jennifer's Testimonial

Despite the fact that I was only 40 years old at the time, I had such terrible problems with my knees that most days I was barely able to walk down steps or get up off of the floor. I had been to Philadelphia to see specialists and even attended local physical therapists, but to no avail. I started with NEPA Fit Club barely able to complete a leg exercise and had to hold onto a pole for dear life. Now, a year and three months later, not only am I able to perform weighted leg exercises, but I am able to scoop my 4 year olds up off of the floor from a sitting position. I no longer walk down stairs like someone twice my age. I feel so strong, confident and proud of myself. Mike and Jon have not only given me a gift of physical strength that ...

Jul 16 2013

Another Nepa Fit Club Journey

My journey started while Mike was still in Jessup. I was out with friends one night and realized that I has nothing to wear. I had let myself get so out of control it was embarrassing. They suggested I contact Mike for some private training. After much hesitation I contacted Mike and went in for an evaluation. I never realized how out of shape I was. Poor Mike and John. If they didn't throw me out of the gym they'll never throw anyone out! I couldn't roll on the roller without falling off. I kept coming back because that made me realize I really needed help. I could barely squat without tipping over. Mike and John never gave up on me. A year and a half later I feel much better about myself. I've dropped a size in clothes and don't have to buy wide shoes anymore. I still have ...

Jul 16 2013

Lyn's Testimonial

I was never a gym enthusiast; I have tried personal training and have taken many fitness classes in the past and was never able to stay consistent or motivated. When I scheduled my assessment with Mike at NEPA Fit Club, I had no idea what to expect, yet when my assessment was complete, the decision to join was an easy one…. JOIN! My goals were pretty simple (so I thought!)… Lean out and get strong! When you think about hiring a trainer, it’s a BIG decision. You are basically taking your goals and asking someone to help you get there. To find a trainer that can actually help you achieve “your goals” is not as easy as you think! When I began training at NEPA Fit Club, I was very impressed with Mike’s extensive knowledge regarding versatility, muscle function, and nutrition (just to name a few!) NEPA Fit Club makes ...